The Sea of Galilee is approximately 53 km in circumference

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At Israel Tours, our guides are our lifeblood. All of our tour guides are top government licensed guides with one mission in mind – making your Israel tour the journey of a lifetime. Our guides will be with you throughout your journey and will connect the history, geography and theology of the places you will be visiting in a friendly and intimate atmosphere. We select our tour guides based on their dynamic personalities and expertise in everything from biblical scriptures to local culture, history and geography. No two Israel Tours guides are alike. They do, however, share one thing in common: a great love of the land of Israel and all the other locations we cover. Our guides cannot wait to get to know you and make your experience everything you dreamed it would be – and more!


Expect to be guided by the most knowledgeable professionals in the travel industry. Our guides are experts not only in Israel’s ancient history and biblical events, but also have all the inside information of the current events and findings.


Our tour guides are exceptionally friendly and accommodating. It is important to us that each traveler receives personal attention and care from our tour guides as well as from our local staff.


Your safety is our top priority and our tour guides play a major role in that. Our guides are consistently updated by the Israel authorities in case anything needs to be altered due to safety concerns.
Tamar Rozanes travel guide

Tamar Rozanes

Tamar is a native Israeli and has been guiding groups in Israel since 1987. She has guided a variety of tourist groups throughout Israel including Christian Tours for both Protestants and Catholics, in-depth educational tours with cultural connections, as well as Christian-Jewish journeys. Throughout the years, Tamar has guided people from all over the world, but her specialty is with tour groups from the Philippines and the U.S.A. Tamar served in the IDF military service as an aerial photographer and received degrees in Latino-American studies and the History of Theater at the Hebrew University. She currently resides in Jerusalem and has four children and one grandchild.

Tamar’s favorite sight is Masada because it is a symbol of Jewish bravery and heroism which is surpassed by no other in Israel.

Mark Dekelbaum travel guide

Mark Deckelbaum

Mark was born and raised in Canada, but made Aliyah (immigrated) to Israel in 1975. Mark has been a tour guide for 20 years in several different fields; however his specialty is Christian Pilgrimage. "It is an honor to help Christians find their roots in the Bible. Their excitement and fulfillment reminds me why I came to live in Israel and my personal fulfillment in living in this wonderful country - which is why I became a guide". Mark resides in Jerusalem and is a father of 3, and a grandfather of 6.

His favorite spot in Israel would be the Mount of Olives viewpoint. It is a 'wow' spot. Here you see the whole city. Here you can feel the Bible from Abraham to Jesus to modern times. Here is where you see the eyes of your Pilgrims light up. Here is where you can teach the connection of the bible to the land, the final week of Jesus, and the growth of three religions. All of this is before your eyes in small Jerusalem.

Ruthie Geva travel guide

Ruthie Geva

Ruthie is a native Israeli and has been working as a guide since 1976. Ruthie’s education and background is in archeology, which she adores and loves to share with her tour groups. Finding it difficult to raise a family as an archeologist, Ruthie decided to combine her love for teaching and her ardent passion for Israel ‘s Archeology, and thus became a tour guide almost 30 years ago. Ruthie has two children, and currently resides in Jerusalem.

Her favorite site in Israel is Masada.

Raanan Macarov travel guide

Raanan ( Ronnie ) Macarov

Ronnie was born in the US in 1952 but immigrated to Israel at a very young age and considers himself to have been raised in Israel. He retired from the military with a rank as Major and became a tour guide in 1982. Ronnie finds that guiding combines his mutual love of the outdoors and history, while allowing him to interact with others who share a love of Israel. Ronnie currently resides in Jerusalem, and is a father of two and grandfather of three.

Ronnie finds the Sea of Galilee to be the most rewarding site in Israel, soothing and so rich in historical significance.

Hana Kessler travel guides

Hana Kessler

Hana is a native Israeli and was born and raised in Jerusalem. She graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, took the Israeli Guiding Course, and received her license in 1979. Since 1980, Hana has been guiding Church groups, Jewish groups, individuals, and families as well as official guests of the country. She has always loved this land, and the more she’s learned over the years, the more fascinated she has become with its history, archeology and their relevance to a better understanding of Christianity, Judaism and Western culture in general. She loves seeing the look in the eyes of those who know the Bible so well, and now make the physical connection to the Holy Land. Hana is a mother of four and has one granddaughter.

One of Hana’s favorite places is the top of the Mount of Olives, overlooking the city of Jerusalem. Before taking even one step in the city, a visitor can take in the footsteps of Jesus during the last few days of his life just by standing there. Then, he can begin exploring the city step by step.

Yair Amichai Guides

Yair Amichay

Yair is a native Israeli and was born and raised in Tel Aviv. He finished his army service in 2001 with the rank of a Major. After the army, Yair traveled for a year but came back to Israel with the aspiration of turning the love of his country into a career. In 2003 he enrolled in a tour guide’s course and graduated successfully in the following year. He has since been guiding and leading groups all over Israel. Yair decided to broaden his knowledge and received a bachelor’s degree in History and Archaeology at the Tel Aviv University in 2009. He has worked with many different groups of various orientations, from Archaeological oriented tours to religious oriented tours. Yair specializes in Judaism, Christianity, Archaeology, History and Contemporary issues.

Danny Apelbom travel guide

Danny Apelbom

Danny is a native Israeli who was born in Tel Aviv in 1950 to a family of pioneers who arrived on the shores of what was then Palestine in 1878. They were among the founders of the towns of Zikron Yaakov and Petach Tikva. As a 4th generation “Sabra” (native), he is steeped in the tradition of thousands of years of history in this fascinating country. Danny began guiding groups in 1971. His principal interests have always been the history and geography of Israel. He joined the I.D.F (Israeli Defense Forces) in 1968 and reached the rank of Sergeant Major in the 890th paratrooper’s unit. After he finished his service, Danny studied history and archeology at the Tel Aviv University, and then continued on to the 2-year tour guiding course. Danny has guided and escorted families, as well as Christian and Jewish groups around the country. He currently lives in Kfar Shmaryahu and is a father of two and grandfather to three.

Danny’s favorite sight in Israel is the Western Wall in Jerusalem. It is the epitome of everything he loves most – history, archeology, and spirituality.

Yaacov Kuc travel guide

Yaacov Kuc

Yaacov Kuc was born in Argentina, but made Aliyah (immigrated) to Israel in 1961. Upon his arrival, he moved to a kibbutz in the Upper Galilee. He served as an officer in a special paratroopers unit in the army and continued with the dedicated Reserves duty until the age of 45. Since Yaacov always loved touring the country with his family and friends, after retiring he turned to what he really loved and became a tour guide in 2000. Yaacov states that, “my deepest desire is to show everyone the real Israel.” Yaacov currently resides in Kfar Maas, is a father of 3, and grandfather of 5.

In Yaacov’s eyes, every site in Israel is most important, however since he is most passionate about the origin of the religions in this area, his favorite city is Jerusalem.

Bruce Avishai travel guide

Bruce Avishai

Bruce lived in the Boston, Massachusetts area and later graduated from Rutgers College with a degree in Political Science. He immigrated to Israel in 1972, where he has lived on a kibbutz (communal village), worked as a guide in the Sinai desert, maintained a private farm for 10 years, and finally became a professional guide in 1991. Bruce’s first impression of Israel was that it is a most unique and sometimes indescribable place to be. Bruce’s personal journey and growth as a professional guide have only reinforced those feelings. He always desires to try to show people Israel’s “uniqueness”, in order for them to have true and lasting impressions of Israel. Bruce resides in Rehovot, just south of Tel Aviv, is a father of 3, and grandfather of 5.

“My favorite northern site is the observation point on Mount Arbel which allows one to view the entire north of Israel and is an incredible place for prayer. My southern favorite site is Masada with its striking desert atmosphere and historical message for all”.

Yuval Sharon travel guide

Yuval Sharon

Yuval is a native Israeli who was born and raised on a Kibbutz near the Sea of Galilee. He also lived and studied in Ein Gedi, on the shores of the Dead Sea. Following his army service, he received his degree at the Haifa University, as well as receiving his license as a tour guide in Israel. He has been working with tourists from all over the world and from different backgrounds and religions for the past 19 years. Yuval decided to become a tour guide, thanks to a good friend who, upon finishing his army service and didn’t know what to do, asked him “what do you like?” Yuval thought about it shortly and said, “I like history, the bible, archeology, and talking!” “Tour guide!” she said and right there I knew – this is it! This is what I want to do, this is what I should do and this is what I’m going to do best”. Yuval’s favorite place in Israel (apart from his home) is the Beautiful National Park Beit Govrin (Maresha), which is southwest of Jerusalem. It is a site that demonstrates most of Israel’s tourists’ attractions: a vast and fascinating history with important biblical references, amazing archeology, breathtaking views, and even something extra – the incredible man-made bell shaped caves.

Nadav Ben Gal guides

Nadav Ben Gal

Nadav is a native Israeli who was born and raised in a small moshav (kibbutz-like village) in the Galilee region, near the Sea of Galilee. After finishing his mandatory military service, Nadav was eager to learn more about the country that he had defended. He decided to join a tour guide training course and has ever since, dedicated himself to sharing his passion and love for his country’s history, culture and people. However, his passion for learning did not end after graduating the tour guide training course. On the contrary, the thirst for knowledge grows each day. Nadav continued his education and received a BA in Israel Studies from the Bar Ilan University and is now working on his masters in Geography. He has been involved in Jewish education both as a leader of many different groups in Israel, and as a ‘shaliach’ (emissary) for the Jewish Agency and the youth movement, Young Judaea in the U.S. Nadav had the privilege of engaging hundreds of students and young adults, as well as talking and working with Jewish and Christian communities and individuals alike. Nadav currently lives with his wife and daughter near the city of Haifa. Nadav’s favorite site in Israel is the Masada because of its beauty and symbolism of returning to the land of Israel.

Yasser Hussein Tour Guide

Yasser Hussein

Yasser was in born in Cairo in 1971. In 1996 Yasser graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels and has enjoyed working as a tour guide since 1998. He has had the pleasure of leading many American and British tour groups, specializing in Biblical, Academic, and Pilgrimage groups. During the past 15 years, Yasser has also assisted major production companies while they shoot films about Egypt. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, engaging in desert safaris, camping, reading, and spending time with his wife, daughter, and 2 sons.

Yasser’s favorite site in Egypt is Luxor. He describes it as an open air museum involving 7,000 years of fascinating history.

Sam Asakrieh Tour Guide

Sam Asakrieh (Suliman)

Sam was born in Jordan in 1982 and has a B.A degree in Tourism & Archaeology. Leading our groups in Jordan, Sam is passionate about sharing the love of his home country with the tours that he guides. Sam spent 4 years living and studying in monasteries (2 years in Israel and 2 years in Jordan). This gave him a vast of knowledge of the Bible that he now shares with our travelers. “Guiding is part of my personality and life. Being a tour guide is like being an ambassador for Jordan. By sharing Jordan’s amazing culture, history and people with our travelers, I am able to open people’s eyes about what a magnificent country Jordan is”.

Sam has a wonderful family with 2 sons and he resides in Amman Jordan.

His favorite site in Jordan is Rum Valley (Wadi Rum). As Lawrence of Arabia said – “it is vast, echoing and God- like".

Osama Tawfik tour guide

Osama Tawfik

Osama Tawfik was born and raised up in Egypt, Land of the Pharaohs. He points out that it is the Land of the Bible, as well, with over 7000 years of history. Osama studied Egyptology and tourist guidance for 4 years after high school and has almost 20 years of experience in the tourism field. He is an English speaking tour guide, who works mostly with US citizens.

Osama’s favorite site in Egypt is the Egyptian museum. He describes it as having the richest Egyptian collection ever from all different time periods. According to Osama, “there are some interesting and biblical related pieces as well... come and see!”


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