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The lowest point in any land mass on earth, the Dead Sea sites 417 meters below sea level

There are some monumental sites that simply must be visited on Holy Land tours – the Dead Sea is one such site! Many Christians desire to one day see the Dead Sea for themselves. The lowest point in any land mass on earth, the Dead Sea sites 417 meters below sea level! Visitors are often surprised to learn that the amount of water that evaporates from the Dead Sea is actually greater than the volume that flows into it, which is why the Dead Sea has the highest salt concentration on the planet at 340 grams per liter! As you probably already know, the Dead Sea received its name because its salty concentration prevents any life from actually dwelling in its depths. However, the salt that prevents life from staying in its waters also provides amazing health benefits and is regarded by ailing visitors for its healing properties. Also referred to as the “lowest health spa in the world”, the Dead Sea’s salt is produced in the south for industry and in the north for the tourists and health uses. Visitors on Israel tours learn that the factor that makes the Dead Sea’s water so beneficial and unique is its unparalleled combination of sales and minerals.

Tourists on Holy Land Israel tours also travel to the Dead Sea to have the black mud on its bottom spread on their bodies as it also provides amazing benefits to the skin with its wonderful minerals. As if that weren’t enough, the air itself is also beneficial to visitors because of its bromide-making the Dead Sea an epically amazing site for those on Israel guided tours because of its biblical ties and health benefits. This national treasure lies on the western shore and has many designated beaches and areas for bathing. There are two main therapeutic beaches (Neve Zohar and Ein Bokek) along with large tourism centers where tourists on Israel Christian tours can receive pampering. As a result of the high volume of tourists the Dead Sea received every year, there are many hotels, hostels, restaurants and shopping centers to choose from. There are also many activities that tourists can take part in such as repelling, bicycle tours, etc. It is located right on the edge of the Judean Desert at the bottom of the Ha-He’etekim Cliff. As a result of the many springs along the coast, the plant life is lush and gorgeous. Visitors often travel from the Dead Sea to other sites like Nakhal Darga, Mt. Sdom, the Einot Tsukim (Ein Fashkha) reserve and the Ein Gedi nature reserve. With its natural landscape, interesting wildlife, close proximity to many Christian holy sites and healing waters it’s no wonder the Dead Sea is such a popular destination in Israel on Tours in Israel.

Dead Sea bathing in the sun Israel Tours
  • Dead Sea bathing in the sun Israel Tours
  • Girl enjoying the mud in the Dead Sea Israel Tours
  • Tourist applying mud in the Dead Sea Israel Tours
  • Salt formations in the Dead Sea Israel Tours
  • Salt formations at the Dead Sea

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