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No Israel tour would be complete without a trip to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and the heart of Jewish history and culture

No Israel Jewish tour would be complete without a trip to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and the heart of Jewish history and culture. Traveling to Jerusalem is a truly spiritual and eye-opening experience for anyone that visits. A mix of passionate history and modern delights, Jerusalem is a mix of experiences, aromas and sights that you will take with you long after your Israel Jewish tour. At the heart of Jerusalem is the Old City, which is encircled by a wall and divided into four sections- Jewish, Armenian, Christian, and Muslim. Within the walls of Old Jerusalem sits holy sites of three of the most prominent religions- the Western Wall (a Jewish holy site), the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. The Western Wall’s base is a remnant of the Holy Temple, attracting millions of worshippers worldwide. Around the Western Wall visitors can go to other important Jewish sites such as the Western Wall Tunnels, the Jewish Quarter and the Davidson Center. South of the Old City is the City of David, also a must for anyone on Israel guided tours.

In addition to the holy sites in the Old City, visitors can also shop in the market place for rich fabrics, beautiful glassware and more! Young people on trips to Israel will appreciate the amazing nightlife that Jerusalem has to offer. The most popular nightlife areas fall in the German Colony, Nakhalat Shiv’a, Shlomtsiyon HaMalka Street, the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall and the Russian Compound. For travelers looking for a more cultural experience, there are a plethora of museums throughout Jerusalem- the Israel Museum, Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Rockefeller Museum, the Bible Lands Museum, the Islamic Art Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Bloomfield Science Museum, the Old Yishuv Court Museum, the Armenian Museum and the Museum of Italian Jewish Art. Aside from the many culture locations, Jerusalem is a city rich in culinary options. You can find food from just about every ethnic background in Jerusalem-a paradise for foodies on Jewish tours. No matter what your intentions on for traveling to Jerusalem, you will be able to experience anything and everything you desire.

Jerusalem Israel Tours
  • Jerusalem Israel Tours
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  • Jerusalem Old City market Israel Tours

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