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Rich with historical ties as it is where Abraham built his home in Be’er Sheva

If you’re thinking about taking part in Jewish Tours of Israel you definitely want to take in amazing history and sights of the Negev Desert. Located in the southern portion of Israel, the Negev Desert stretches across over half of the land in Israel, though very people live their due to its environment-it is a popular destination for Jewish travel. The Negev Desert is rich with historical ties as it is where Abraham built his home in Be’er Sheva. The Negev Desert has been populated by many different people including nomads, Philistines, Canaanites, Byzantines, Edomites, Nabateans, Ottomans and Israelis. The Nabateans were a mighty power in the Negev Desert as they created the “Spide Road”, a trade route that was traveled on by camel to transport spices, salt and perfumes from Yemen.

Jewish Israel tours often stop in the Negev Desert so that visitors may experience its natural and unique desert beauty. The Negev Desert is separated into several regions-Be’er Sheva-Arad rift in the north, a mountain ridge in the center and Eilat and the Arava to the south. Though the Negev Desert receives very little rain it erupts into a beautiful display of lush plant life and flowers in the winter-something that everyone on a trip to Israel should see! During the winter heavy storms sometimes occur, causing flooding in and near the riverbeds. If you are taking a trip to Israel the Negev Desert has much to offer; from its unique desert environment to the interesting archeological sites; historic remains to natural springs.

Tel Beer Sheva, National Park, Negev Israel Tours
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