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Tel Aviv is the second most populous city in Israel

Palestine (at the time) called Yishuv. Tel Aviv is actually the place where David Ben Gurion declared the independence of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948. The history of Tel Aviv alone is enough of a reason to go there on an Israel tour.

The architecture is very eclectic, having been influenced by many different types of architecture including the International Bauhaus style. “The White City” is the central portion of Tel Aviv and it contains the greatest number of buildings built in this style-a great stop on an Israel guided tour for architecture-lovers-which is why it has become a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The White City stretches from the Yarkon River to Allenby Street, and from the sea to the Begin Boulevard. Tel Aviv is absolutely ripe with culture and entertainment for those on tours of Israel. The city has over 20 museums including the Land of Israel HaAretz Museum, Tel Aviv Art Museum), Museum of the Diaspora, the Israel Defense Forces History Museum, the Etzel Museum, The Haganah Museum, The Palmach Museum, The Lekhi Museum, and The Nachum Guttman Museum. Tel Aviv’s culture doesn’t stop at the museums, however, as the city hosts numerous orchestras, national dance companies and theater companies. Tel Aviv has a great deal of nightlife (clubs, dancing, restaurants, etc.) and a number of different beaches. Because Tel Aviv has so much to offer tourists on tours of Israel that it’s no wonder the city has had to build a number of different hotels and other types of accommodations over time, giving tourists many options, making staying in Tel Aviv an easy and pleasant experience.

Tel Aviv Israel Tours
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