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One of the most intricately splendid synagogue mosaic floors in the country

All trips to Israel should include a stop to Beit Alfa National Park! Here you will be able to see first-hand what is left of one of the most intricately splendid synagogue mosaic floors in the country, which dates all the way back to the early part of the 6th century CE. This beautiful synagogue floor is a wonderful piece of Jewish history and should not be missed.

Though the temple is nothing but remains, it continues to be a site of interest on Jewish Israel tours as the panel nearest to the Torah Shrine features a Holy Ark, shofars, menorahs, lulavs, etrogs and incense pans. Attesting to the community’s openness to using artistic icons from other nearby communities, a zodiac is featured on the center panel. If you visit the synagogue remains in Beit Alfa during your trip to Israel you will see the Aramaic inscription that speaks of the funding by donations for the floor and the date. There is currently a wonderful audiovisual dramatization that depicts how Marianos and Hanina were chosen by the synagogue board for the task of crafting the floor.

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