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Unrivalled when it comes to Ancient Egyptian history and artifacts, boasting over 136,000 pieces

The coral pink, copper-domed Egyptian Museum in Cairo sits elegantly in the shadows of Cairo’s modern day town hall. With a neo-classical French exterior, the mild exterior differs greatly from the opulent wonders and ancient treasures held within the museum. Monumental statues tower above visitors to the Egyptian Museum of Cairo, carved in the image of King Djoser and Amenhotep III. Each gallery on the ground floor offers an amazing window into the past of great kingdoms of Ancient Egypt. Visitors can even view the 5,000 year old palette of King Narmer if they visit this Egyptian museum on their tours to Cairo.

The wealth of Ancient Egypt is abundantly apparent through the artifacts available for viewing in the many galleries of this museum, however, the upper floor holds the most interesting piece of all. The Tutankhamun Galleries hold over 1,700 different artifacts, including the infamous tomb of Tutankhamun. It was discovered in the Valley of the Kings opposite modern day Luxor in West-Thebes.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is unrivalled when it comes to Ancient Egyptian history and artifacts, boasting over 136,000 pieces on display and with hundreds of thousands stored in the depths of the basement. Many of these artifacts date back to the beginning of united Egypt in 3,100 BC. The Egyptian Museum of Cairo is world renowned for having the finest collection of Ancient Egyptian antiquities, which is why most Cairo tour packages include a stop at this infamous museum.

Photo by: Costel Slincu

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