The Sea of Galilee is approximately 53 km in circumference
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Sank almost 2,000 years ago and believed by scholars that it was used for fishing and as a ferry boat

Holy Land tours often focus on the most interesting and important sites, such as the Galilee Boat. One of the most prized archaeological finds for Christians, the Galilee Boat was spotted in January 1986 by two fishermen from Ginosar (Gennesaret in Jesus’ day according to Matt. 14:34, Mark 6:53) on the drought-affected shore of the Sea of Galilee. It took 12 days to extract the boat that had not been seen since it sank almost 2,000 years before. It is believed by scholars that it was used for both fishing and as a ferry boat, perhaps even having participated in a battle at seas against the Romans. Regardless of its many uses, Christians around the world will always recognize it for its tie to Jesus. Though no one is completely sure of who rode in it or why, the Galilee Boat will always serve as a beautiful visual symbol of the stories and teachings of Jesus. The boat has undergone extensive restoration and is now available for visitors to view while on tours in Israel at the Yigal Allon Center at Kibbutz Ginosar. Made of mainly oak and cedar, visitors learn that the boat was patched over time with 12 different kinds of wood that still grow in the area. The brothers who discovered the boat, Yuvi Lufan (a scultor and kibbutz gardener) and Moshe Lufan, are recognized for their discovery. “Our parents taught us to love the Sea of Galilee,” Lufan says, “and I always knew it would give us a gift. And it did-a legacy that brought something special to the whole world.”

Kibbutz Nof Geonsar - Ancient Jesus Boat Israel Tours

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