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The location where people from the city went after Jesus

If you can find Holy Land Israel tours that stop in Precipice Mountain you should definitely take advantage of this once in a lifetime experience. Jesus synagogue sermons and what followed are some of the most focused on stories in the Bible by far (Luke 4:15-39). Precipice Mountain is the location where people from the city went after Jesus. It is said that Mary was also there and that she was extremely frightened over what might happen to Jesus until she saw him leave unharmed. On the way to the top of Precipice Mountain there is a church that marks the spot where legend says Mary fearfully watched the event along the road. Those who take the time to stop at Precipice Mountain will be absolutely astounded by the view from the top-well worth a stop during a trip to Israel.


Photo by AlmogOwn work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Mt. Precipice Israel Tours

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