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The location of the Dead Sea Scrolls found in Qumran and provides visitors a great idea of how amazing the city was in ancient times

If you’d like to visit as many sites as possible on your Holy Land tour, try visiting sites that lie close together such as the Shrine of the Book and the model of Second Temple-era Jerusalem-both of which were recently renovated. The Shrine of the Book is the location of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were found in Qumran. The Second Temple model of Jerusalem was actually moved so that it sat next to the Shrine of the Book as the two sites clearly complement one another and make visiting both very convenient for those who travel to Israel. There is a corridor that connects the two sites, which just shows you how often visitors prefer to see both. The model of the city is proportioned at 1:50, but provides visitors a really great idea of just how amazing the city really was in ancient times. Visitors can also watch a film gives visitors a different perspective on the history of several individuals that would have inhabited the two locations, which many find fascinating.

Shrine of the Book Israel Tours

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