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Jaffa Night Tour

Posted on: October 27th, 2014
Jaffa Night Tour

Standing in stark contrast to the modern, bustling city of Tel Aviv, is the quaint 3,000 year old port city of Jaffa. Referred to in the Bible as Joppa, this is where Jonah fled to avoid travelling to Nineveh and where God used Peter to raise Tabitha (Dorcus) from the dead.

After a long plane ride and a belly full from dinner, you may be tempted to call it a night and hit the hay early. But for those who can muster up a bit of vigor, the opportunity to join a short walking tour of Old City Jaffa should certainly be taken. Though only 15 minutes away from Tel Aviv, Old Jaffa seems to be worlds away. This charming sea town allows you to easily envision what life was like in the days of the Bible, as it appears to be a place almost completely untouched by time. Your guide will lead you on a leisurely stroll through the town where you will stop to observe the beautiful St. Peter’s Church. If you are lucky you may even catch an evening wedding taking place. Though they will be closed, you will be able to window shop in the picturesque stores that line the cobblestone streets. You will also catch spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea as well as of Tel Aviv.


Christina Peters, Israel Tours
September, 2014


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