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Visiting Israel in the winter? Things to do!

Posted on: January 2nd, 2015
Visiting Israel in the winter? Things to do!

Traveling to Israel in the winter definitely has its perks! Besides avoiding crowds and oppressive heat, visiting Israel in the winter offers some unique experiences that you will not find during the rest of the year. To name a few:


Bird watching: Thousands of cranes, herons, pelicans and ducks will be making their annual migration through their favorite spots throughout Israel. Quite a sight to see!

Bird watching during the winter in Israel

Hamshushalayim: Jerusalem’s winter festival of Hamshushalayim is the perfect way to get a sampling of Israeli art and culture. From street theater to musical performances, there is no shortage of entertainment here. And as an added bonus, many galleries, museums, and theaters will open to the public at night… free of charge!



Culinary delights: In celebration of Hanukkah, special treats can be found everywhere you turn. The traditional filled doughnuts known as sufganiyot is available at every bakery. These days you can find gourmet flavors alongside the traditional staple.

Culinary delights in Israel


Jerusalem Ice Festival: In February, ice sculptors fly from China to turn Israel into a world of ice. Every year features a different theme and is accompanied by icy treats and ice shows.

Jerusalem Ice Festival

Photo by: Avital Pinnick


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